We stock many types of protective glass and acrylic to protect your pictures.  We will provide you with advice as to which type is most suitable for your artwork and pricing requirements, finding the balance between conservation and clarity.


Below is a brief explanation of each type of glazing and their benefits – samples will be shown to you at the consultation.


Clear Glass

Available in both glass and acrylic.  This provides a sharp view of framed art and is crystal clear and economical, but can cause glare in certain lighting that may be distracting.


Non-Reflective, Diffused Glass

Reflection control glass





The manufacturing process includes one or both sides of the glazing to be chemically etched to scatter light as it strikes the glass. This subtle treatment allows a clear view of the framed work without distortion – for a sharp clear image.






UV Protection

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Prolonged exposure to light will cause damage to your artwork.  Paper may become faded, discoloured and brittle, and therefore if your art is valuable (financially, or to you personally), it is recommended that ultraviolet light should be filtered.  Through a coating process of microscopic, silica-based UV blocking agents, a shield is created, protecting art from 95%+ of the harmful rays.







Museum Glass

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This provides your artwork with the maximum light protection and eliminates reflection and colour distortion so much so that it appears as though there is no glass at all.








We stock brands that offer you the best protection, incorporating a mix of the above benefits in a single glaze.  We are happy to discuss the options available to you to best meet your needs and budget.