Custom Frames

We know that you want your artwork to be shown to its finest advantage.  We will ensure that you are given the best advice to achieve the look that you are after…


We stock a large range of the best materials from which you can choose to create a unique frame that makes your artwork really standout.  All pictures are framed using traditional handmade techniques, ensuring you receive a bespoke look that best compliments your artwork.


After a free consultation where we  assist you to choose the materials and look that you are after, we head off to the workshop.  The consultant will then go through a process typical of the one detailed below.  Being handmade, the process allows for all of your specific needs to be met – quality product and great service are key to our operations.


The Framing Process


1. Choose mountboards for picture


2. Visualise framed effect – in this case a triple mount


3. Work out cutting dimensions

3. Work out cutting dimensions


4. Bind pH neutral backboard & hinge picture using removable conservation tape


5. Select appropriate glass, measure & cut to fit mounted artwork


6. Snap cut glass


7. “Sandwich” picture between protective glass & backingboard – keeping it dust & bug free



8. Cut chosen moulding using Morso mitre guillotine


9. Glue & underpin moulding to fit picture


10. Fix picture & frame using pins & conservation tape for a sealed & tidy fiish


11. Lastly, fix hanging hooks & string